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$4,100,000 – Traumatic Brain Injury  – Motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accident – Mother of two struck by a drunk driver.

$2,706,770 – Wrongful Death – Pedestrian killed by hit and run driver.

$1,475,000- Traumatic Brain Injury – Assault on a man leaving a bar. Action against the establishment for Dram Shop and failure to provide adequate security.

$1,000,000 – Wrongful Death – Motor vehicle struck peddlecab causing the passenger of the paddlecab to be ejected.

$950,000 – Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death – Failure to diagnose a pulmonary embolism.

$800,000 – Medical Malpractice – Failure to diagnose spine injury leading to complications.

$700,000 – Premises Liability – Customer injured by falling merchandise while shopping.

$695,000 – Slip and Fall Accident – Premises liability for allowing a dangerous condition to exist on stairs resulting in a permanent lumbar injury.

$650,000 – Medical Malpractice (New York) – Negligent placement of feeding tube resulting in death of a 21-month old child.

$350,000 – Slip and Fall Accident – Premises liability/construction for maintaining a dangerous work site resulting in a fall and lumbar spine injury.

$300,000 – Slip and Fall Accident – Aggravation of a pre-existing low back injury.

$280,000 – Motorcycle vs. Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in a fractured hip.

$250,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Back injuries sustained in rear-end collision.  Claims brought against tortfeasor and underinsured carrier.

$250,000 – Slip and Fall Accident – Premises liability for failure to maintain stairs resulting in a cervical injury.

$250,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Passenger ejected in a rollover resulting in loss of spleen.

$250,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Passengers injured resulting in a fractured leg and lacerations (settlement for policy limits).

$249,000 – Bus Accident – Passenger injured when truck collided with bus resulting in an annular tear.

$180,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in a cervical spine injury.

$175,000 – Bus Accident – Passengers injured when driver fell asleep causing bus to roll over resulting in cervical and lumbar injuries.

$175,000 – Bus Accident resulting in scarring of the shoulder.

$145,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Rear-end collision resulting in a cervical injury.

$131,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in cervical spine injury.

$115,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Rear-end collision resulting in lumbar injury.

$100,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Driver injured resulting in torn rotator cuff (settlement for policy limits).

Past results are not indicative of the outcome in future cases. Cases are decided based on their facts and the applicable law.

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