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Many people who are injured believe that in a short time they will be back to themselves, and hopefully you are.  However, as time passes, you may be losing your right to seek compensation from responsible parties if the injuries turn out to be significant.

There are many statutes that require one who intends to bring a claim against a responsible party to provide the party with timely and proper notice.  For example, if injuries were caused by an intoxicated person, specific notice must be given within 120 days to preserve your rights against the establishment that sold the liquor.  If injuries were caused be a defective road or highway, a specific notice must be given in a timely manner to specific governmental authorities.  Notice provisions also apply to actions against a state, municipality or its employees for damages.

These notices enable a Defendant to conduct an investigation so that they may adequately defend themselves.  The failure to give proper notice may be an absolute defense to your claim.  In addition to notice requirements, there are statute of limitations which require an action to be commenced within a specific time limit.

Discuss your case with Andrew J. Pianka, Attorney at Law.  Our office is located in Oxford at Quarry Walk, 315 Center Rock Green, Suite 2, Oxford, CT 06478 .  Phone: 203-463-4414.

This is not to be construed as legal advice.  I can only advise you after a consultation and a review of all of the facts specific to your case.

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