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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Currently, Connecticut drivers are only required to purchase liability coverage in the amount of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident on their auto insurance policies. The problem is that $20,000 may not even come close to covering the hospital bills, lost wages, and other expenses that many car, motorcycle, and truck accident victims incur before they even consider the day-to-day effects of an injury. At the Law Office of Andrew J. Pianka, we understand the devastating effects that a motor vehicle accident can have. In addition to the medical bills, lost wages and the impact the injuries have on your ability to perform daily activities can substantially impact your economic security, family relations, and social activities. We look to the driver of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle, and to any defect that may have contributed to the accident to make sure we have all the potential responsible parties available to provide compensation. We will effectively convey these hardships and losses to a judge or jury and to provide the kind of passionate representation required to help our friends, neighbors, and fellow community members recover fair, just, and reasonable compensation for their injuries and losses.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Issues Because of the statutory minimum insurance coverage allowed by the State of Connecticut, many people carry inadequate or possibly no insurance to fairly compensate an injured person for the acts of a negligent driver. In such a situation, an injured person must look to his/her own automobile insurance policy to be fairly compensated for
their injuries and losses. If you have been injured in a car accident, we are experienced in reviewing these insurance contracts and making sure they comply with Connecticut law. Furthermore, we will make sure you are compensated to the fullest extent provided by the insurance you have purchased.

You should review your own policy before you get in a car to make sure you are covered in the event the person that hits you is underinsured or uninsured. We are always willing to review your policy with you so you understand just what you are paying for.